Shades of Your Soul

by Electrophazz

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Breathe 04:03
[Notabene] “Electrophazz, Real music for the soul” Forget the pain; forget the struggle the grief, Won’t you relax and try to roll with the breeze, Come on this journey with us, Sit back and take a moment to breathe, Now come along and come aboard, I am your commodore, We bout to entertain ya cuz’ you look like you’re kinda bored, We bring it to you life and we bring it to you right, Remember ELECTROPHAZZ is that music you adore... [Chorus] (x2) Ain’t gon’ waste my time, Ain’t gon’ hang around, Just gon’ leave and be fine, Live my life [Celia] Wake up and I’m late again, no time to put my makeup on, It’s always the same thing, Walking up the avenue, I’m lost and I don’t have a clue, I’m going insane as they say : “Go!” I guess I should go, “Stay!” nobody knows, I feel like the sky is falling down on me, I’m not what you’re expecting me to be. Just breathe... [Chorus] (x2) [Celia] Gotta make it home, Another day but still the same song, Why waste my time? Gotta chase stress, take a deep breath, And I feel lighter somehow. Everything is bright and blue, And there’s nothing anyone can say or do, I know I can be strong, I know better days will come And I’m sure that I’ll be alright Just breathe... [Notabene] I'm stuck in a rut that I can't Interrupt, I feel like any second now I can erupt, I can amount to anything; yeah my mom said it, But what I done with my life so far is upsetting, I'm a rebel without a cause, a rapper without applause, I'm rapping because I happen to love it not for the dosh, Not that I can afford it, there ain't a thing I have hoarded, nuh-huh, I'm outta cheddar and I can't manage at all, And I’m getting these calls telling me to keep standing tall From the same people that's ripping me off... I guess I’m walking with an X on my chest, I keep getting tested and the pain that I suppress is not relieving my stress, Maybe I’m blessed and the best of myself I’ve never expressed, Maybe I’m destined to address the duress of the oppressed And my distress is a testament to what I can contest, Maybe I’ve been Infested with a pest that I’ve let fester, There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, I have to believe, I’m a flower that grew from the rubble, I’m bound to achieve, I got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, But can you give me just a second to breathe...
[Thaïs] As I walked down memory lane, Colors of your smile pave the way, They don’t falter in the rain, And it walks me home safe every day. Hope you know, if the world gets too heavy to hold I will help carry the load. No need for pride, no need to hide I will stay by your side. [Chorus] You stay always on my mind, But I never took the time, To show you a little more love, High as skies above. A good friend is always hard to find And you are one of a kind I’ll show you a little more love, High as skies above. [Notabene] If I can stop and reminisce, A thousand memories arising in a mist But your cries are in disguise up in the midst of it all, And I recall the times that I had gone amiss. But you guided me through it; You’re the Clark to my Lewis, Of all the people you were always the truest, You pick me up whenever I’m feeling bluish And together we redefined what acting a fool is... You’re a better person, we fight and I get to cursing, For lack of a better word, it makes matters worse, But damn it, for what it’s worth; don’t think that it never hurts, I burst and coerce but whenever that occurs, It’s me I’m blaming first... you keep condoning my spite and at the end of the day, We always make it alright, I got your back we always brothers for life, I need to show you my love without feeling contrite... [Chorus] [Bridge] So much I wish I could change, Things I never meant to say, Can it be that I was such a fool, won’t you forgive me for my mistakes Glad that I had the chance to sing tonight, I hope this song will get to make you feel alright. [Chorus] (x2)
The Race 06:09
[Thaïs] I've had a dream where i could take away the memories of your light around me So many colours on different pictures that i'll watch as mush as i will..i will and though my hope has fallen apart my mind has captured visions of you my dreams unfold and my tears roll my dreams unfold and my hands are cold i hear the echo unfinished tales tied in a halo still can't get a hold of... the shades of your soul


Physically released in April 2014, this EP contains 5 original tracks composed by David Marion. You can see through it how human psychological issues can be linked with human society's path...


released July 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Electrophazz Lyon, France

Une musique Groove aux allures modernes ancrée dans de profondes racines afro-américaines, c’est le mélange unique d’Electrophazz; entre Soul, Jazz & Hip Hop.

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